Enterprise System Management

ITCONS’ IT IS Enterprise Systems Management services focus on addressing the critical needs of your enterprise toward Enterprise Systems Management tools implementation and operations.

We collaborate with you to create an Enterprise Systems Management tools services strategy that addresses the specific needs of your organization, ensures data and infrastructure availability, increases responsiveness and improves reporting and real-time dashboards.

Client Challenges

  • Increasingly complex infrastructure and manageability
  • Inadequate expertise and management skills in order to build systems specific to the enterprise
  • Lack of communication and correlation between the multiple Enterprise Systems Management tools
  • Acquisition of tools from vendors and end-of-life product support
  • Lack of time and resources to implement and utilize the various features of the tools
  • Duplication of investments due to the limited reusability of tools and vendor-specific products
  • Lack of transparency in infrastructure operational issues

What ITCONS Provides

ITCONS provides Enterprise Systems Management tools transformation strategies leveraging its experience, expertise and alliances with Enterprise Systems Management Original Equipment Manufacturers and utilizes a large pool of Enterprise Systems Management certified consultants who are also familiar with ITIL processes.
We aim to provide reliable and cost-effective Enterprise Systems Management solutions that will help you improve your business uptime and reduce support cost.

Our key offerings include the following:

  • ITSM-based tools - Service-desk, Discovery and Configuration Management
  • Network Management Tools
  • Servers, Applications and Database Management
  • Enterprise Systems Management Consulting and Assessment Services
  • Enterprise Systems Management Implementation Services
  • Enterprise Systems Management Post-Production Support Services
  • Enterprise Systems Management Infrastructure Shared Services

Highlights of our Enterprise Systems Management services include the following:

  • Distributed Enterprise Systems Management Center of Excellence teams and labs that offer seamless service and maximize the hours of support
  • Proven and robust transition and deployment methodologies
  • Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership with offshore leverage
  • Access to certified Enterprise Systems Management tools consultants across all Enterprise Systems Management OEMs
  • Multi-level support (Assess, Design, Implement and Manage) approach
  • Continuous support for audits and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Improved visibility of business infrastructure
  • ITIL framework-based design and deployment approach
  • Effective use of knowledge base and best practices
  • Access to better support with the utilization of the alliance partnerships with major OEMs
  • Business Value
  • Streamlined IT operations like incident and event-handling processes
  • Increased responsiveness and better mean-time-to-resolve
  • Increased scalability and flexibility of IT infrastructure to cope with the changing business dynamics
  • Increased transparency in IT infrastructure, compliance and operational issues
  • Reduced operational costs and faster Return on Investment (ROI) on ITSM investments
  • Effective business-IT resource alignment
  • Better uptime for business services
  • Integration of business processes and applications, which aids governance