IV&V and Team Mentoring Services

Enterprise Application Architecture Verification for:

  • Object Modeling using UML (Rational XDE, Sparx EA)
    • Use Case modeling
    • Enterprise Requirements Modeling based on Rational Suite
    • Test Case Modeling
  • Layers and Tiers and Framework API, Commonly used design patterns, Code Modularity, Code Cyclomatic Complexity analysis
  • Code Security Analysis for common security issues
  • Use of API and Distributed Application Development
  • Components Architecture & load balancing
  • Object Design Verification
  • Database Model Verification for OLTP/Hierarchical/OLAP design
  • 20 points Application Framework Design Verification
  • Unit Test and System Test Verification
  • Quality Assurance Services for Code, Design and Architecture
  • Third Party Verification

Our Team can help organizations and mentor their team in defining scalable architecture for Easy Maintenance, Scalability & Performance requirements based on Refactoring and Reuse Technique, Component Based Development, Object Design and Modeling using UML etc.

Re-engineering/Refactoring/Migration/Web Services Enablement of Legacy Mainframe based applications and its code