ITCONS recognizes that our Partner’s Recruitment processes are usually a collection of sub-processes and tasks that are carried out by the expert teams, but often the overall performance of the entire Recruitment process becomes nobody’s responsibility.

We maintain that simply optimizing the performance of sub-processes can result in some benefits, but cannot yield dramatic improvements if the process itself is fundamentally inefficient and outmoded.

For that , we focus our reengineering efforts on automation of Recruitment process as a whole in order to achieve the optimum outputs to our Partners.

While the process as a whole is being redefine – simultaneously the Partner’s Recruitment process is deconstructed into specific activities, measured, base-lined, re-modeled and improved using our best practices recommendations.

Ultimately our Recruitment reengineering methodology identifies, analyzes, and automate our Partner’s Recruitment processes with the aim of achieving dramatic improvements in critical performance measures, such as cost, quality, speed and service-satisfaction.