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ITCONS have been pioneer in various CSR activities through its Trust, Mahakal Maharaj Bikaner Sewa Mandir under mission DiViNiTi.

DIVINITI is a CSR vision of a man behind multi crore businesses. Coming from an IT background, Mr. Gaurav Mittal nurtured a thought of giving back to society.

What does DiViNiTi Stand for: Name of our initiatives under our Trust (NGO) Mahakal Maharaj Bikaner Sewa Mandir; A Name, we have kept for our Vision; To open Old Age homes, Orphanages, Social reforms and awareness, healthcare along with Play School in every city of India; marriage of poor girls, skilling/Upskilling of Indian Youth, Sanity and A way to Moksha for us and others who help building this in this ERA; A completely non- profitable rather charitable trust.

  • D is for desire; your thoughts do aspire.
  • I is for inclusive, never leaving others out
  • V is for vision, few can share.
  • I is for intellect, your high capacity for knowledge
  • N is for name, a pleasant one indeed.
  • I is for impartial, a great arbiter
  • T is for tender, loving nature.
  • I is for innovator, always improving


  • Establishing Old age Home and Orphanage across India under Diviniti Old age home & Orphanage Programme.
  • Establishing Mandir at various parts of India under Diviniti Divine Programme.
  • Primary schools focusing on education based on Vedic sciences under Diviniti Pre-School Programme.
  • Free clean water/ Food items distribution to needy in various parts in India under Diviniti Smile Programme.
  • Green and clean Environment - Tree Plantations under Diviniti Green Programme.
  • Helping some poor/ Govt. schools /other NGO with required essentials under Diviniti Partner Programme.
  • Helping unmarried poor females in their marriage under Diviniti Bless Programme.
  • Swatch Bharat mission –
    Enabling different residential societies to volunteer and participate in Govt. Swatchh Bharat Programme through Diviniti Social Programme
  • Skilling and upskilling Indian youth under Diviniti Skill Programme.

Our Values:

1) We believe that GOD has given everyone an opportunity to serve human kind.
2) We believe nothing is constant; we did not bring anything and neither shall take anything with us. Materialistic things die but impact of good karma remains in the form of name/fame.
3) We believe that as part of moral and social values, we should be giving back to society whatever we have earned.
4) We respect every human and believe being rich or poor/ Healthy or ill is just results of good or bad karma of previous and current life and promote spirituality.

Follow our initiative at various social media:

Website: http://TheDiviniti.com
Facebook book page at https://www.facebook.com/TheDiviniti
Instagram page at http://Instagram.com/thediviniti
Twitter handler at http://twitter.com/tdiviniti
LinkedIn page at https://www.linkedin.com/company/thediviniti
YouTube Channel at http://youtube.com/thediviniti

To know more about our CSR Programme, refer to http://TheDiviniti.com