Permanent Hiring

Permanent Hiring

You are not hiring employees; you are hiring assets for your company.

Permanent recruitment involves a complex procedure; moreover finding highly qualified and talented candidates for permanent staffing is no child's play. In today's marketplace, the degree of competition is very high and the pressure to find the best candidate keeps doubling.

ITCONS specializes in making your complex and tedious process of recruitment simple by taking away all your worries of initial briefing, screening, short listing and on boarding thus saving your precious time. ITCONS is a well-known name in the HR services field therefore hardcore recruitment is our genre. You can rely on us with all your permanent recruitments relating to technical as well as non-technical profiles. ITCONS has earned the trust of more than 100+ companies covering areas fields like media, finance, IT, education, automobiles and so on. Whatever cutting edge technology you might be looking for, we provide it to you in no time and our special hold on IT sector ensures that.

ITCONS is among the leading agencies offering permanent hiring services to job seekers nationwide. We have helped recruit thousands of professionals through our permanent hiring services. Our recruitment projects cover various sectors for permanent hiring services. More than fifteen years of experience in different regions nationwide, have developed our permanent hiring expertise. This has presented our team with the required understanding of the job to optimize the staffing procedures for highly talented workers. Our company offers nationwide permanent hiring services for placing in-demand highly professional workers at leading companies.

Finding suitably skilled workers to fill open positions will demand the allocation of a lot of resources, time, and costs. Many firms with HR teams still face difficulty finding the right candidates when hiring parameters become complex. Our recruiting company partners with companies to align the correct applicant with the open vacancy of a business. Companies gain access to resources and knowledge that can help them find talented employees and invite them to work with their organizations.

Over the years, our team has developed a deep understanding of each position's required experience and soft skills within the industry. This expertise has guided the business owners to understand their hire-related needs, demands, and requirements increasing the possibility for a competent and successful hire. Our professional team has managed to customize each permanent hiring strategy corresponding to each business's particular needs and demands, offering our total dedication to each client.

Advertising, innovative applicant attraction, candidate testing, interview assistance, and sector-specific insights are offered through our customized approach to permanent hiring. Hiring professional firms will guide your business in deciding if each applicant is the correct match for your company or not, essentially weeding out poor or unwanted applicants. This streamlines the funnel for the employee, reducing your time to recruit the perfect match candidate. Our team also takes a part of your firm's hiring staff workload so you can concentrate on other duties. Our company would save time by increasing the efficiency of the candidate pool, minimizing the unfitted possibilities.

In conjunction with our customers, our permanent hiring firm aims to truly define your business market and the best candidate's requirements for your vacant position, whether for individual or workforce recruiting. In addition to our willingness to provide you with access to professionally qualified and skilled candidates, the company's nationwide permanent hiring capabilities have saved our consumers time and money:

  • Free initial consultation: Our company provides each client with a 30-minute free consultation to provide the clients with an overview of our hiring strategy, prices, and required procedures. Through this initial interview with the business owner, our experts will consider the client's particular needs and demands.
  • Customized hiring strategy: After discussing with each client, our professional team creates a customized strategy and criteria for the hiring procedure. This customized strategy aims to consider the industry demands, position responsibilities, and the client's particular needs and requirements.
  • Professional Candidate searches and short listing: Our experts will carry out a comprehensive search for applicants with the requisite technical experience and personality for the job. The permanent recruitment company uses the current media technologies and networks and more traditional internet and networking platforms to ensure that we pick the best potential candidates.
  • Huge database and wide pool of candidates: Through our growing pool of talented job seekers looking for the right opportunities, our company will have a vast database to recruit from, saving your company a lot of time. In addition, while the requirements can be very complicated, only those candidates who are entirely qualified for the vacancy will be shortlisted.
  • Conduct thorough background checks and interviews: Our staff conducts a thorough background check for each shortlisted applicant to validate their qualifications and references. The team also retains communication with applicants and receives regular feedback to ensure that everyone fits the roles. To ensure that the final stage is done, we recheck with all the sides (employees and employers) to ensure that the applicant will start the job after the recruiting decision has been made.
  • Month follow-up: To ensure our permanent hiring services' success, our company offers a whole month of following up where our team evaluates each hired candidate to make sure that he/she fits perfectly with the vacant position. This service has gained many clients' satisfaction, who saw it as a good move to ensure our dedication and total commitment to all our clients.

Why choose ITCONS for permanent hiring services?

As we continue to achieve successful outcomes, ITCONS takes great pride in its professional staff for the top-quality permanent hiring services they deliver. Our team has succeeded in gaining comprehensive knowledge and experience to understand different business demands and necessary skills for several industries. ITCONS has achieved many successful outcomes:

  • A strong nationwide reach has helped us fulfil our customers' needs.
  • Numerous existing technical contacts and permits provide a vast database.
  • Experience in carrying out thorough interviews and headhunting programs, along with a comprehensive background check to ensure that our candidates work in the client business community.
  • Thorough testing and validation analysis programs for automatic data collection, which cuts the average recruiting time.
  • With high customer engagement and overall satisfaction, thousands of skilled workers have been employed in diverse sectors worldwide.
  • Long experience in finding highly qualified candidates who are able to meet the desires and demands of the customer and fit in with the culture and technical of the company.
  • The ability to offer customizable packages for time framing and pricing to meet our consumers' needs in various markets in different countries.

WHY you should rely on us – our 5 staged action plan never fails to deliver you the best results in time.

Tell us your requirements

Your requirements are our orders. Our recruiter gets in touch with you and notes down each and every minute detail of your requirements.

Online + offline teams at work

Our dedicated online and offline teams immediately start working simultaneously on talent resourcing

Filtration process

We take care of briefing, screening and short listing. Candidates are thoroughly screened and shortlisted only on the basis of their qualifications, talents and skills as we give top priority to the quality and the growth of your company.


We fix slots according to your allotted time and line up the interviews.

On boarding

When the entire process comes to an end we finish off with the on boarding and the candidate joins your company.